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It doesn’t actually matter what your relocation needs include, the teams at Gardena Moving Stars are here to go the distance for you! We offer local, long distance, and international moving and warehousing services for residential customers, businesses and government agencies. Gardena Moving Stars specializes in the transportation of household goods, office and industrial equipment, special products and product distribution.

Gardena Moving Stars is a one-stop shop for all the moving and storage services needed for your household goods.

From our expansive storage facilities to packing, crating and vehicle shipping options, our services are cost effective and efficient. Let us make your move process simplified and stress-free. We have continued to invest in the latest technology, and are able to streamline processes and minimize cost. This allows us to provide our customers with more efficient, economical services. Our corporate move management team has been recognized by customers and the industry for providing exemplary customer service. We have thoroughly-trained, experienced customer service representatives to meet all your moving needs, as well as professional, uniformed drivers experienced in handling all types of moves.

At Gardena Moving Stars, we are committed to providing you with the most satisfactory moving experience possible. We invest heavily in training, technology and equipment that refine our moving processes. Our moving processes ensure that you, as the customer, have all your concerns addressed and resolved. These include our qualified moving coordinators, our expedited problem resolution, our in-house customer service, our after-hours emergency number, and our detailed move guides.

Move Coordinators

Our move coordinators serve as the central point of contact throughout your move. They assign and manage tasks for the team, ensuring nothing is forgotten in your move.  On a daily basis, our technology assists our coordinators to manage all of the tasks to help keep you and our team right on track.

Expedited Problem Resolution- When our customers have an issue or concern, they cannot immediately handle, our move coordinators send the details of the concern directly to one of our head office officials for immediate resolution. This ensures customer problems are addressed by the most qualified experts in the company.

In-house Customer Service and Claims- Most moving companies handle all customer service and claims through their corporate office.  Due to the sheer volume of customers, claims can be delayed longer than necessary. To circumvent the possible run-around, all claims and customer service inquiries are handled through Gardena Moving Stars corporate office.  This allows us to provide faster and more personal responses to our customer’s needs.

After-Hours Emergency Number- With many moving companies, if you call with an after-hours emergency, you will only reach an answering machine. Gardena Moving Stars provides on-call management personnel who provide real solutions after business hours.

Move Guides- Gardena Moving Stars want you to feel prepared and confident as your move approaches. To help you feel ready for the big day, we provide you with one of the most comprehensive move guides in the industry. Our moving guide will walk you through each stage of the move: from 8 weeks in advance, to getting settled in your new home!


Whether you are ready to hire our professional movers or are looking for guides on doing a self-move, Gardena Moving Stars, the sought-after mover, we are always ready to help you relocate successfully. Moving, in general, can be an expensive undertaking. Some try to cut down on moving expenses by doing the work themselves, or by hiring a local mover to handle their belongings.

Do it yourself?

While some people can pull off a successful self-move or doing their own packing, others become too stressed when managing all of the small details associated with such an undertaking. Gardena Moving Stars applauds those who tackle the project head on, and has provided a comprehensive guide to enable you do your own packing and handling self-move. However, when working within short time frames, or if the move is too overwhelming to handle single-handedly, hiring a mover may be a good option for you.

DIY vs. Hiring Gardena Moving Stars- Say you are planning to rent a moving truck and drive it on your own. Have you ever driven one before? Have you ever driven across state lines? By the way, how much are those hotel nights? Let’s not forget meals, fuels, incidentals, and one-way fees.

These things add up, which means a DIY move is not always the least expensive choice. In addition, you might get more of a hassle than you bargain for — and really, that is no bargain at all.

With that said, hiring professional movers like Gardena Moving Stars is actually a better option.

Professional services from the top movers allow you to enjoy the following:

  • In a DIY move, you likely need a day or two to pack and load, as well as an additional two days to unpack and unload in addition to the travel time.
  • Our team does moving for a living. Each of our members is skilled in handling belongings, including fragile ones, and can do the job in half the time it would have taken you. In most cases, we pack and unload your belongings efficiently without damages as well.
  • Maximized Space. We make sure to employ neat packing and optimize the truck space. With us, you do not end up needing a larger truck.

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Gardena Moving Stars specializes in both residential and commercial full service moving. As a moving company, we know moving can seem like an overwhelming process. The trick is to prepare a fail-proof moving plan ahead of schedule; organization, efficiency, and forethought will also relieve you of any moving problems that may come your way.

Gardena Moving Stars aims to help you simplify and understand all of the tasks involved with moving. Prepare yourself by acquainting yourself with Gardena Moving Stars’7 Easy Steps!

  • Step 1: Free Home Estimate

A Gardena Moving Star Relocation Consultant comes to your home, and assesses how much a move would cost for all of your belongings.

  • Step 2: Choosing Gardena Moving Stars

At Gardena Moving Stars, we aim for a stress-free, surprise-free move every time. We will help you plan, because we believe that planning is the key to reducing stress. When you choose Gardena Moving Stars, you work with a personal move coordinator for the remainder of the move process. This coordinator will work closely with you to make sure you are aware of every step.

This step is all about simplifying everything for you. We know how valuable your time is, which is why you simply need to communicate your needs and our coordinator will do the rest.

  • Step 3: Adding or Subtracting Items or Locations

During this step, you tie up any loose ends by updating your estimate with items you forgot about, or items you decided not to move after all.

  • Step 4: Packing

Gardena Moving Stars professional packers come to your home the day before the move to pack the entirety of your house in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

  • Step 5: Loading the Trucks

On Move Day, the Gardena Moving Stars movers inventory your items, and prepare for safe transportation in our trucks.

  • Step 6: Delivery and Payment

When your goods arrive, have them delivered in the designated rooms of the new house, and get ready for your life in a brand new place!

  • Step 7: Post Move Survey

Fill out the post-move survey you receive in your email to rate your experience. Help us perfect our processes so customers like you can be fully satisfied with their move process!

With this guide to the moving process, combined with our professional help, you can maintain your sanity while moving and even have a little fun along the way.

Feel free to contact us at, (424) 292-6222 for a free moving quote.

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