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One thing that requires proper handling is emergencies which life presents. When they are not handled in a proper way, a lot of stress may result. In the moving industry, such emergencies also are part of the system. Calamities like forest fires or flood may strike your neighborhood anytime, and therefore the swiftest action you can take is to move to another place immediately. This is where assistance from a trusted same moving company is needed most. Gardena Moving Stars will handle such situations properly and makes what’s perceived to be stressful a hassle-free experience.

We have been helping hundreds of families who have been in similar situations, and it has become part of our daily activities. We fully understand that our customers require special attention in extreme emergency moving situations. That is why we have these same day moving services within our company. There are even customers who are forced to leave their residents without prior notice, when such unfortunate situation knocks at your, just pick up your phone and call our customer service agents who will do the impossible for your short notice last minute moving request. We want you to consider Gardena Moving Stars Same Day Moving services as a reliable relocation company in any last minute relocation situation no matter of the obstacles and special requirements. You can trust our same day emergency movers, moving expertise when you need any day movers as soon as possible. We offer these services to customers who are moving anywhere; they are not limited to certain areas. When you contact us to serve you; there is no need to worry with moving heavy furniture, boxes, home appliances and other personal items all in the same day, our professional team will do it just within a few hours.

This will be the best choice you can make as our esteemed customer because we are experienced in packing, loading and driving. We are well conversant with all local routes and this will make you reach your place just at the right time.

To make your same day move successful, make sure that you have enough packing materials and supplies, and that is the best way to get ready for this moment. Make sure you have enough of these and always put them ready for any eventuality. This will help contain the situation.

Make sure that you get enough packing materials so that you may settle in and start packing without interruptions like having to walk outside to go and look for more supplies and other materials. This will consume much of the limited time you have. It is always advisable that you get help from people you know such as friends and family so as to move without any difficulties. Help from your friends will also ensure that your move will not be hectic as they can also offer other additional support in running.

However, in difficult last minute moves, it is important that you take a minute and try and plan and prepare your move. This will ensure that you know exactly where each item is, and how you will need it to be handled especially if your friends are there to help you with packing. It will also help move the process faster, remember to have a checklist so that you do not forget about anything such as locking windows or turning off the lights.

It is always advisable that if you are not sure about what you are doing when it comes to moving; you contact a specialist on moving.  Remember to contact a moving company early in the day so as to ensure that you reserve a team to help out with the move.

Calling a moving company late when most of their operations have closed is not advisable, because it will be hard to get professionals to respond to your situation as soon as you want. Contact them earlier enough.


Now this we have said over and over, but we got to face it one more time, unless you are a minimalist, moving is one of the biggest household tasks there is and can be extremely overwhelming. But if you can get a head start and stay organized, you should make it through this mammoth moment unscathed and ready to enjoy your new abode.

  1. Get organized early. Avoid leaving anything until the last minute, unless in the case of a same day move where you will have to pack and leave in a hurry.
  2. Figure out your move strategy. How are you going to get from point A to point B on your moving day? For shorter moves, you will need to assemble some very nice friends with trucks or consider renting a truck for the day, or price out a moving company.
  3. Keep your movers in the loop. Communicate and explain to them what you require between that short time you are making a move. Arrange for all the vital equipment you might need.
  4. Pick the right transporter or moving company. If you are moving a short distance you may be able to get away with making more than one trip, but if you don’t have all that luxury, you may need to make sure you have the right truck to move your belongings in one go. Choosing the right transporter is particularly important when moving further away as making several trips can be a problem.
  5. Take inventory. This is especially if you are hiring a moving company like us. Having a record of your household items is useful if something goes missing. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of the contents of each box, then assign each box a number and all you have to do is write the number on each side.
  6. Label everything. We understand that this can take much time, especially when making a same day move but it’s important.
  7. Check your moving area moving policies. Be sure to check the moving policies before scheduling your move.

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